West Side Tennis Club has experienced first-hand the benefits of CourtHarbor’s Ball Hubs. Less ball traffic to other courts has made for safer, more enjoyable play. Beneficial for both indoor and outdoor use, they are proving to be a great marketing tool as well. We have been really pleased with how they just make our courts look better. Bob Ingersole

Tennis Director - PTR & USPTA Member, The West Side Tennis Club Forest Hills

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe to have Ball Hubs on our courts?

A. Yes! The Ball Hubs extend 4.5 feet from the baseline fence, leaving plenty of room between the Ball Hubs and baseline.

Q. What are the Ball Hubs made out of?

A. The base, vertical columns and horizontal crossbar are made of high-density polyethylene and the covers are made of 100% solution-dyed polyester.

Q. Are the Ball Hubs allowed on our courts during USTA sanctioned events?

A. Yes. We did our due diligence with the USTA, knowing that many facilities want to use the Ball Hubs as their prime branding space during tournaments.

Q. How well do the Ball Hubs stay in place?

A. The base of the Hub has the capacity for around nine gallons of water or sand (roughly 75 lbs.), which can withstand high winds and rough weather. The base is easily drained whenever the Ball Hubs need to be moved.

Q. Are the Ball Hubs difficult to move?

A. The Ball Hubs are not designed or intended to be moved frequently (i.e, daily or several times per day), due to their design, size and their capability of holding around nine gallons of water or sand. However, when they do need to be moved, for seasonal purposes for example, the water can be easily drained from the bases. Custom molded handles, located at the bottom and at the each end of the base, allows two people to move the Ball Hubs with relative ease.

American Made

Our products are 100% American Made. CourtHarbor is committed to helping keep jobs in the US and by being made in America our products get to you faster, and if there are issues, we can address them faster.

Premium Quality

The bases for our Ball Hubs are constructed of rotational-molded High Density Polyethylene. Our slide-on covers are %100 solution dyed polyester fabric. Long story short…our products are built to last.


Our products will always aim to be as brand-able as possible. Branding provides an enhanced look and feel to our products, but also opens the door for revenue generation opportunities for our customers.


Beyond being brand-able, we make our products capable of serving multiple purposes. Our Ball Hub not only meets the fundamental need of dividing your courts, but also can be used as a coaching tool.

Having the Ball Hubs at our facility sends the message that this…


Peter Howell

Men's/Women's Tennis Coach, Oglethorpe University


CourtHarbor is a small company with BIG ideas and even BIGGER goals (we don’t plan on being small for long).

Each and every day, when the lights come on (and especially once the coffee is made), our team goes to work…and we work HARD.

The reason is simple.

We have a tireless passion for tennis, connecting with amazing people, developing innovative products, and ultimately, creating an enhanced tennis experience for players, coaches, and facilities across the country.

CourtHarbor and our unique products will always aim to be innovative, functional, and brand-able. The Ball Hub is a great start for us…but it’s just the beginning.

We want to make a bang in the tennis universe. With time (and a bit more coffee) we will.


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford


Determined, collaborative, and passionate are the qualities that best describe our team. Our diverse set of skills, backgrounds, interests, and personalities have been crucial to our success in developing innovative tennis products, and having fun in the process!

Our desire to see tennis played, taught, and marketed in new, creative ways requires a lot of brainstorming, focus, and energy. It’s important that we be able to think beyond the baseline.

While it’s imperative that we are consistently “dialed-in,” we make sure we take time to have fun…laugh at ourselves, laugh with each other, and stay loose. Ultimately, while what we do is important, we realize the why in what we do is most important.

Our why lives in our passion for positively impacting the lives of our customers, partners, and community; with innovative products, our outstanding customer service, and our willingness to never settle.

That is our why, and this is our team…



Jon McLamb

Jon McLamb

Founder & CEO

Favorite Motto/Quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Interests: Music, hunting, fishing, and the Seattle Seahawks.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Hong Kong Phooey

Greg Shouse

Greg Shouse

Director of Business Development

Favorite Motto/Quote: “Play like you’re in first, practice like you’re in second.”

Favorite Teams: Carolina Panthers, New York Yankees, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, & the Western Carolina Catamounts!

Interests: My family, church, sports, camping, fishing, and reading.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Road Runner…beep beep!

Chase Hodges

Chase Hodges

Sales - Collegiate Accounts

Personal Motto: Make It Happen

Interests: Spending time with my daughter and family.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Superman

Bradley Farrell

Bradley Farrell

Creative Coordinator

Personal Motto: Attitude is Everything

Interests: I love the beach, music, Tar Heel sports, and the Carolina Panthers.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Daffy Duck in Space Jam

Brooke Philpott

Brooke Philpott

Logistics Leader

Personal Motto: Live, Laugh, Love

Interests: Country Music, the San Francisco Giants, my husband Matt and daughter Peyton

Favorite Cartoon Character: Minnie Mouse


CourtHarbor is thrilled to present our new and improved pricing structure!

No more confusing charts, calculations, or surprising shipping fees! We now offer three simplified packages that feature our highest quality Ball Hubs. Most exciting of all is that we now offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders to anywhere in the United States, no matter the distance, quantity, or weight.

Cost-effective, simple, and more affordable than ever! Check out our Ball Hub packages below…


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Improved Prices!

We now have new and improved prices on our Ball Hubs! We even offer FREE SHIPPING on any order to anywhere in the US! Simplified and more affordable than ever.

Simplified Packages!

No more confusing charts, tables, or calculations. Three simple packages featuring our highest-quality Ball Hubs.

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CourtHarbor is genius. Play more tennis while branding your facility?


Shane Wells

North Hills Tennis Academy

Giving Back

CourtHarbor is passionate about our give back efforts and we are always looking for new ways to help out in the community. Please, let us know if our products or services can help in your community and/or charitable event.


We know we are not the only tennis company striving to enhance the game. If you feel your tennis product or services parallel those of CourtHarbor, do not hesitate to get in touch. Let us enhance the game together!


If you’re interested in learning more about how our Ball Hubs can be used as a revenue generator at your facility, we’re more than happy to fill you in on it’s potential. The size and placement of our Ball Hubs provides facilities with an amazing way to recognize sponsors, donors, and much more.

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