Court Dividers?

The Court Divider is a one-of-a-kind product that is changing the tennis landscape…literally. Finally, an affordable alternative to the typical chain-link fence dividers and California Corners; now with the added benefit of being brand-able, moveable, and even used as a coaching tool!


Stray balls are frustrating! They interrupt play, practices, and many times result in a “let” being called for those points. Most unfortunate, is the potential for injury due to loose balls.

Most commonly used at tennis facilities are the typical chain-link fences, California corners, or V-fencing which divide the courts and cut down on stray balls. However, many facilities don’t have the time or money to construct either of those options. Plus, where will tennis be played in the meantime!?

The vision for the Court Divider occurred when a former college tennis player and coach (our founder & CEO), realized there must be an affordable alternative for facilities to obtain a partition between their courts. There had to be a better option…

The Court Divider was born.

Now players, coaches, and facilities across the country can experience the benefits of reduced “lets” and stray balls with the added ability to promote their school, brand, or sponsors, without reconstructing their courts and saving thousands! Additionally, many facilities, especially high schools, can use them for traffic/crowd control at ANY sporting event throughout the year. Plus, many coaches and instructors are now using it as a teaching aid.

CourtHarbor’s court dividers have exceeded our goals and expectations. I can honestly say they play a significant role in reducing the amount of “let” calls. Courtharbor has developed a unique product that I personally believe does not come along very often.

Kelly Jones

Head Men's Tennis Coach, Furman University

Less Stray Balls

Our dividers reduce the amount of “lets” and stray balls significantly, resulting in safer, uninterrupted play. Practices, matches, and training sessions are more efficient and more effective.

Practice Aid

Coaches and instructors are now using the divider as a teaching aid at practices and camps. We’ll be adding accessories to the divider soon in order to make it even more mobile during training sessions.

Custom Branding

Have your school or facilities logo featured on the court divider, printed double sided and in full-color! Not only is it a great way brand your facility, but it also provides a way to recognize sponsors and donors.

Revenue Generator

Use your dividers as advertising space or use it for sponsorship recognition! By utilizing the court dividers’ unique size and on-court location, your facility can make a Return-On-Investment when selling the space to sponsors and advertisers.


  • Colored, Weather-Resistant Cover
  • Full-Color Printing
  • Printed Double-Sided
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  • WeatherResistant Cover
  • Various colors available upon request
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe to have court dividers on our courts?

A. Yes! The dividers extend 4.5 feet from the baseline fence, leaving plenty of room between them and baseline.

Q. Are the court dividers allowed on our courts during USTA sanctioned events?

A. Yes. We did our due diligence with the USTA, knowing that many facilities want to use the dividers as prime branding space during tournaments.

Q. How well do the dividers stay in place?

A. The base of the court divider has the capacity for around nine gallons of water or sand (roughly 75 lbs.), which can withstand high winds and rough weather. The base is easily drained whenever they need to be moved.

Q. Does the Court Divider have any other applications, beyond tennis?

A. Yes! Not only are high schools able to enhance their tennis facility, but they now have the benefit of using the dividers at any and all of their sporting events. Recognize sponsors and donors at the football, basketball or baseball games, and use the dividers for crowd/traffic control at more popular events.

West Side Tennis Club has experienced first-hand the benefits of CourtHarbor’s Ball Hubs. Less ball traffic to other courts has made for safer, more enjoyable play. Beneficial for both indoor and outdoor use, they are proving to be a great marketing tool as well. We have been really pleased with how they just make our courts look better.

Bob Ingersole

Tennis Director - PTR & USPTA Member, The West Side Tennis Club Forest Hills