The Best In Tennis Court Branding

Stray balls are frustrating! They interrupt play and many times result in a “let” being called. Most unfortunate, is the potential for injury.

Most commonly seen at tennis facilities are chain-link fences, California corners, or ‘V-fencing’ which divide the courts and cut down on stray balls. However, many facilities don’t have the time or money to construct either of those options. Plus, where will tennis be played in the meantime? There had to be a better option…

The free-standing Court Divider was born.

Now facilities across the country can experience the benefits of reduced “lets” and stray balls with the added ability to promote their school, brand, or sponsors, without reconstructing their courts and saving thousands of dollars.


Q. Is it safe to have the dividers on our courts?
A. Absolutely! The dividers extend 4.5 feet from the baseline fence, leaving plenty of room between the dividers, baseline and players.

Q. What are the court dividers made of?
A. The base and frame is made of a durable high-density polyethylene and the slip-covers are made of a weather-resistant, 100% solution-dyed polyester.

Q. Are the court dividers allowed on our courts during USTA sanctioned events?
A. Yes. We did our due diligence with the USTA, knowing that many facilities want to use the dividers as prime branding space during tournaments.

Q. How well do the court dividers stay in place?
A. The base of the divider has the capacity for around nine gallons of water or sand. That equates to roughly 75lbs when filled with water, and 112lbs when filled with sand. Although not always ideal, we suggest filling your bases with sand. Sand allows the dividers to more easily withstand harsh wind and weather.

Q. Are the court dividers difficult to move?
A. The court dividers were not intended to be moved frequently (i.e, daily or several times per day), due to their size and weight. However, when they do need to be moved, custom molded handles, located at each end of the bottom of the base, allows two people to lift and move the dividers with relative ease.

Q. When will I get my court dividers after placing an order?
A. Our typical turnaround time is between 4-6 weeks. But please note; fulfillment of your order begins upon up-front payment, having a signed purchase agreement, obtaining a print-ready file (vector PDF, EPS or TIFF file) of your logo/artwork and finally getting your approval on the cover layout. (if purchasing the Standard Dividers, logo/art files are NOT needed)

Q. What if I don’t have a print-ready logo file?
A. If you are unable to provide a print-ready logo file we can have one of our graphic designers produce one for you. However, there will be an additional $200 creative fee. To avoid this additional fee and to improve the turnaround time of your order, please make arrangements to obtain a print-ready logo file before placing your order. (if purchasing the Standard Dividers, logo/art files are NOT needed)